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Popular Questions/ FAQ's

  1. What's Quack?

    Quack is a new app dedicated to making friendship easy and accessible for everyone. We do this by connecting you to friends of friends (safely through your contacts) and through features designed specifically for making friends without the traditional pressures of social media. Consider it a one-stop shop for building better friendships and having fun in the process!

  2. Can anyone see my phone number?

    Friends who have your phone number will be able to see it. Anyone who doesn't already have your number won't be able to see it.

  3. Why is it taking so long to moderate my photo?

    In order for you to access all Quack features, your profile photo must be a selfie where your face is clearly shown. No masks, face filters, nada! Your safety is our top priority which is why our checks are so thorough. When your photo is verified, you will have access to every part of Quack.

  4. Why did my friend's referral not go through?

    Once your friends join with your link, Quack puts your money “On Hold” until we verify the new friend. Our cyberducks run a series of checks to make sure that the user is a real person (no bots or scammers allowed) and active on Quack. Once we confirm the user, the money moves to Available and is ready to be withdrawn.

  5. How do I withdraw money from Quack Bank?

    It’s super easy! Make sure you have the $10 minimum in your Quack Bank. Reminder that QuackBank is located right below your profile picture. Then just tap the card to withdraw and follow the payout process. You're ready to go!

  6. How long does it take for payments to be processed?

    Short answer: 3-5 working days unless there is a problem.

    Long version: Each withdrawal request on Quack Bank will be reviewed by our cyberducks for security reasons and processed within 3 to 5 working days. However, your funds may get placed on hold for a longer period (at the discretion of PayPal or your bank) due to screening and processing requirements. We ask you to reach us out only after this period in case your transaction failed.