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About Quack

  1. What is Quack?

    Quack is a social app that connects you directly to your friends of friends, allowing you to make new connections through the people you already know and trust.

    It’s the most personal network ever because it’s built using the people in your friends’ Contacts. You can then connect with friends, old and new, through features such as chats, Anonymous Quacks, Truths and more.

    Whether you find yourself in a new city, new campus or just looking for a new crew, Quack is the key to making the friends you always wanted to find.

  2. What is Circle?

    Circle is the heart of Quack. It’s where you can find people trusted by your friends because we use their Contacts to build it. Here you can chat, see who and what you have in common, and turn acquaintances into friends, roommates, companions, cohorts… you get the idea. The possibilities are endless.

  3. Who are my “Friends”?

    That’s simple. Your “Friends” are everyone in your phone’s Contacts.

  4. Who are my “Friends of Friends”?

    Again, pretty simple. Your “Friends of Friends” are friends (Contacts) of your friends. These are the people you will see inside of your Circle. You can easily view who your mutual friends are by checking out their profiles. Each profile will show you how many friends you have in common and who those mutual friends are.

  5. How do I join?

    To join Quack, please follow these steps:

    1. Download it

    2. Enter a valid phone number

    3. Enter the code you receive via text

    4. Finish following the instructions to complete Sign up

    Hot tip: We suggest putting the name you usually go by and good photos of yourself so you can make a great first impression

  6. Where can I download Quack?

    Quack is available in your App Store and Google Play store. We’re the one with the duck in the icon, just in case you were confused.

  7. How does it work?

    We’re friendship focused - that means this is THE place to build your community based on who you actually want to see in it.

    To help hit that home, here’s exactly how Quack works:
    • Allow access to your Contacts in order to see friends of your friends

    • Find all your friends of friends in Circle and start browsing profiles

    • Send and accept requests for people you want to know better - ice broken!

    • Chat with your existing Contacts, just as you’d normally text them
    • Invite friends to join Quack to keep expanding your Circle

    Now get quackin’.

  8. Are there any rules?

    Only a few, no big deal. We’re all just little ducks in a big pond, let’s play nice here! Check our Guidelines and Terms and Conditions to make sure you use the app safely and responsibly.

  9. Do I have to pay for Quack or is it free?

    Quack is free, and always will be! In the future, we’ll introduce new features to elevate your Quack experience. Then we might ask for some bread.

  10. What are Anonymous Quacks?

    Anonymous Quacks allow you to express yourself anonymously through text-only “stories. No likes, no comments, no judgements, AND they disappear in 24 hours. Giving you the opportunity to be your authentic self and say exactly what’s on your mind. Friends and Friends of Friends can request to reveal you as author of the story, but you choose to either accept or reject.

  11. Where can I find Anonymous Quacks?

    Anonymous Quacks are found at the top of your Circle.

  12. How do I create my first Anonymous Quack?

    Simply go to your Circle and click on the green square with ‘Add quack’ written underneath.

  13. Who can view my Anonymous Quacks?

    Anonymous quacks are visible to both your Friends and Friends of Friends. However, you will stay completely anonymous unless you choose to reveal yourself.

  14. How can I report an abusive Quack?

    Click the icon with three dots in the right hand corner of the story. Then click report and select the reason for reporting.

  15. What is Truths?

    Do you have a friend who's crazy loyal? A Fashionista? A Party Animal? Show them and their friends how well you know them by playing Truths. We'll ask the questions, you choose the friend that best fits the category and a badge will appear in their Quack profile - letting other friends learn more about them. Your selection is totally anonymous unless you want to reveal yourself.

  16. How do I play Truths?

    Two options. You can go to your Circle and click the blue ’Play Truths’ icon at the very top of your Friends of Friends OR you can go to any friend or friend of friend’s profile and click the green ‘Add a new one’ icon to begin playing.

  17. Where will my Truths answers appear?

    Once voted, your Truths answer will appear as an anonymous story - showing the question asked and the friend you have selected. The friend you selected will also get a badge on their profile, showing others what their friends think about them!