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Games and Payments

  1. What is BFF Finder and how does it work?

    BFF Finder is THE best way to make new friends on Quack - in less than 30 seconds! It asks you 3 fun questions on different topics. If your answers match with the other person then congrats, you just made a new friend.

    To play BFF Finder, Go to Discovery / Click on the Banner “Best Friend Finder” / Tap “Find my new BFF”

  2. What is Last Tap and how does it work?

    Last Tap is where you can play and earn money simply by tapping with your friends or alone. On every round you get 50 Taps that can increase if you invite more friends to your Squad or share that you’re playing it. 

    When you invite more friends to your team, you have more chances to win. So hop on a group call to talk strategy and win that prize! Once the round is over the prize is shared equally across your team. 

    To play Last Tap, Go to Discovery  /  Click on the Banner “Last Tap”

    Tap, tap. You’re in!

  3. Why did I not earn random prizes on Last Tap like my friend did?

    Random prizes are only shared equally if value is above $4. Be patient and keep playing!

  4. Why am I not winning on Last Tap?

    We give equal opportunities for our flock and have users winning everyday! If you are not winning - maybe join a Squad with your friends. This could increase your chances of winning the big prizes. Remember that is a game of chance! So stay positive and be kind.

  5. What are Truths and how does it work?

    Find out just how well you know your friends by playing Truths. We'll ask the questions, and you choose the friend that best fits the category. A badge will appear in their Quack profile letting other friends learn more about them. Your friend won’t know what you said unless you want to reveal yourself. 

    To play Truths, Go to Discovery  / Click on the Banner “Truths”

  6. What is the Quack Bank and where?

    Quack Bank is where we keep all the money you make and where you can find your referral link. It is located in your profile right below your profile pic.

  7. Why did the Quack Bank disappear?

    Only users in select countries can participate and have access to QuackBank right now. It’s also important that your location is activated on the App. If you don’t see it stay tuned - we’re working every day to bring QuackBank worldwide!

  8. How long does it take for payments to be processed?

    Short answer: 3-5 working days unless there is a problem.

    Long version: Each withdrawal request on Quack Bank will be reviewed by our cyberducks for security reasons and processed within 3 to 5 working days. However, your funds may get placed on hold for a longer period (at the discretion of PayPal or your bank) due to screening and processing requirements. We ask you to reach us out only after this period in case your transaction failed.

  9. What payment services can I use?

    PayPal is how we reward our users. No Venmo or CashApp (for now!), just PayPal.

  10. How do I withdraw my money?

    It’s super easy! Make sure you have the $10 minimum in your Quack Bank. Reminder that QuackBank is located right below your profile picture. Then just tap the card to withdraw and follow the payout process. You're ready to go!

  11. What's the minimum to withdraw from Quack Bank?

    The minimum is $10 and then no limits for larger quantities.  Sweet right?

  12. Will there be any fee for withdrawing the money?

    We do not charge any fee on our side! Lucky duckies!

    However, you may be charged an extra fee from your bank or payment provider once funds are moved to your account.

  13. What happens if my PayPal account is canceled?

    Ah, that’s something you have to contact PayPal about. We can’t help with specific account issues but make sure that you have the right account connected. Remember that you gotta be 18+ to use PayPal (or using a parent or guardian's account with their permission obvi) in order to process payments.

  14. What happens if my PayPal account is wrong?

    If you connected to the wrong account that’s totally ok - you can change that in the app. If you already withdrew money to the wrong PayPal you must contact PayPal in order to correct the account.

  15. Why did my friend's referral fail?

    Once your friends join with your link, Quack puts your money “On Hold” until we verify the new friend. Our cyberducks run a series of checks to make sure that the user is a real person (no bots or scammers allowed) and active on Quack. Once we confirm the user, the money moves to Available and is ready to be withdrawn.