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  1. How do requests work?

    You’ll need to send a request every time you want to chat with a potential new friend.

    To become friends or chat with someone your not already friends with, follow these steps:

    1. Open their profile
    2. Tap the 'Chat' icon under their photo
    3. Tap 'Send a request'

    Remember that once the request is sent you'll have to wait for them to accept. Once they do you're all set - duck yea!

  2. Are users notified if I decline a request?

    Nope. For your privacy and to avoid awkward situations, users are not notified if you decline a request. They will only be notified when requests are accepted and chats can begin.

  3. How does messaging work on Quack?

    You can message any one of your existing Contacts on Quack. If you want to talk with someone from your Circle, you must request to chat and wait for them to accept.

  4. Why has one of my conversations disappeared?

    If you can't see a particular conversation, it's because the other person has deleted their account (sad duck) or has been blocked for violating our guidelines (bad duck). Unfortunately, we're unable to provide you with detailed information about a specific user.

  5. How can I view older messages?

    You can find conversations with a particular user by typing their name in the search bar in Chat. If you don't remember the exact nickname that person had, you can just scroll through older conversations. Keep in mind that it is not possible to recover deleted conversations. We’re not magicians.

  6. How can I add someone to my Favorites?

    To add someone to your Favorites, follow these steps:

    1. Go to friend’s profile
    2. Tap the star icon under their photo


    1. Go to your Chat
    2. Tap the star icon in the top right corner

    Note: When you tap the search bar your Favorites will appear on top. To unfavorite just tap the icon again (it will turn white, which means they are no longer one of your faves).

  7. Why isn’t anyone responding to my messages?

    Maybe this person wasn’t online, or maybe they deactivated their notifications, or just dropped their phone off a cliff? Bottom line - your message was probably great, but maybe could have been better. Perhaps it’s time to try another approach.

    Try to be more creative and use something that will catch their attention. Quack a joke or tell them a deep duck secret... but seriously, don’t just copy and paste the same message to everyone. Read their profile first, learn more about them, and send a lively, personal message.

    Warning: This will bring all the ducks to the yard.