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Quack Features

  1. What are Anonymous Quacks?

    Anonymous Quacks allow you to express yourself anonymously through text-only “stories. No likes, no comments, no judgments, AND they disappear in 24 hours. Giving you the opportunity to be your authentic self and say exactly what’s on your mind. Friends and Friends of Friends can request to reveal you as the author of the story, but you choose to either accept or reject.

  2. Where can I find Anonymous Quacks?

    Anonymous Quacks are found at the top of your Circle.

  3. How do I create my first Anonymous Quack?

    Simply go to your Circle and click on the green square with ‘Add quack’ written underneath.

  4. Who can view my Anonymous Quacks?

    Anonymous quacks are visible to both your Friends and Friends of Friends. However, you will stay completely anonymous unless you choose to reveal yourself.

  5. How can I report an abusive Quack?

    Click the icon with three dots in the right hand corner of the story. Then click report and select the reason for reporting.

  6. What is Truths?

    Do you have a friend who's crazy loyal? A Fashionista? A Party Animal? Show them and their friends how well you know them by playing Truths. We'll ask the questions, you choose the friend that best fits the category and a badge will appear in their Quack profile - letting other friends learn more about them. Your selection is totally anonymous unless you want to reveal yourself.

    To play Truths,
    Go to Discovery  / Click on the Banner “Truths”

  7. Where will my Truths answers appear?

    Once voted, your Truths answer will appear as an anonymous story - showing the question asked and the friend you have selected. The friend you selected will also get a badge on their profile, showing others what their friends think about them!

  8. What are Global Groups?

    Global Groups are great for discovering new topics that you love. Everyone can join our groups, and chat with other people that also share the same interests that you do. 

    You can also create your own Global Group about anything you like and invite all of your friends to join in. We have a few verified Global Groups that are super popular. Feel free to try one of those out!

  9. What are Local Groups?

    Want to make friends with people near you? Then Local Groups are for you! These groups are location-based and can be found near large cities or colleges. Remember that these groups are only visible if you’re within the range. If you want to make friends near you try making your own group and invite friends to join!

  10. What are Channels?

    Channels are the perfect way to express yourself with no likes or comments. You can post unique content to your very own feed-like space without the hate or trolls. If you want to talk to your followers, you can activate your Channel chat (more on that next). Check out the Discovery page to see what kind of Channels we have already and get inspo for yours!

  11. How can I get my Channel or Group Verified?

    So you have great content and are inspired to become a verified member of the Quack Pack? But don’t know how to get your Channel verified? Send us an email to and we will love to have a look at your channel or group.

  12. Why was my Channel taken down?

    There could be two reasons for this. If your Channel has been active and has disappeared then that means it violates our community guidelines. If you think something else may have happened to your Channel let us know at  Keep in mind that if your Channel is inactive for 60 days then it’s automatically deleted to make space for new Channels. Snooze ya lose.

  13. What is Channel Chat?

    This chat is where the Channel creator and their followers can chat real-time in one big group. Here you can meet other peeps who love the same type of content or creator. Creator’s control who’s in their Channel and Chat so make sure you play nice!

  14. What is Channel Chase?

    Channel Chase is where you can compete for duck domination by gaining followers on your Channel. The more you grow the more money you win - pretty ducking cool. 1st prize is $200 and the competition runs each week, sooo what are you waiting for? Create your own Channel or help your favorite creator win!

  15. What are Star Channels?

    Star Channels are one of kind Channels that are run by incredible content creators. Some content is free but other pieces may require a monthly subscription. That monthly cost is set by the creator. This subscription can be managed in Settings>Apple ID>Subscriptions.

  16. What’s a Star Chat?

    It’s a unique group chat that is connected to the creator’s Star Channel where you can ACTUALLY talk with your favorite creator and other day one fans. Access to the Star Chat can be found in the bottom right corner of the Channel. 

  17. Where can I find Star Channels?

    Star Channels can be seen in Discovery or in your friends profiles. If you see a “lock” on some blurred posts that means that this content is for subscribers only. You can subscribe by tapping the content and subscribing to the Star Channel. 

  18. How do I get a subscription to a Star Channel or Chat?

    Easy! Once you open the Star Channel you can confirm your subscription for the amount of Stars needed to access the Star Channel. You can join as many Star Channels and Chats as you'd like.